Etang Lassalle

Lamazère, Southern France
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  • Etang Lassalle

    Lamazère, Southern France
    12 ha


    Etang Lassalle
    All year round
    Calais - Etang Lassalle: 1000 km
    30 acres / 12 hectares
    Hard stoney and rocky bottom on the sides, layer of silt in the middle
    max. 9m
    Max. number of Anglers
    200 carp up to 60lb
    Hardly, only near swim 7 some during summer months
    Good path around the lake
    Price per angler
    Price non-fishing guest
    Lake Exclusive
    2000€ (max. 10 anglers)
    Holiday house
    600€ for 4 pers

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    Etang Lassale

    Many people dream about purchasing a property in France. Stefaan Mijle made this dream come true and bought his very own carp fishing lake. Tired of the hectic life in Belgium he moved to southern France in 2018. Etang Lassalle is a 12 hectares lake, which is about 30 acres; it has 10 large double swims. The depths vary from 2 to 9 metres (6 -30ft). Although the lake was restocked in 2019 with hundred new carp, the stock is fairly unknown. The biggest carp caught so far was 27kg (60lb). But the lake is 45 years old so we're pretty sure the water holds plenty of surprises.

    The Lake

    Etang Lassale is a 30 acre lake with only 10 swims. The swims are large and clean with good car access (you can leave the car at the swim). The depths vary between 2 to 9 meters. Between swims 1, 2, 8 & 10 is the deepest area. The bay with swim 9 features depths of 4m and 6,5m. Remark that the fishing area on the north side of the lake is fairly deeper than the opposite site. To give you an idea, the maximum depth in front of swim 7 is 3,5m, whereas the maximum depth in front of swim 3 is maximum 5,5m. In front of swim 7 you'll find some aquatic plants which will make fishing a little harder, but of course, the carp love to be in them.

    The bottom consits of clay with rocks and stoney patches. In the middle there's a 20-30cm layer of silt. Etang Lassalle features hard areas, drop-offs, plateaus, holes... in a nutshell: a dream lake.

    The Swims

    The venue has 10 large swims on the reed lined margins. You can access the swims by car and you may leave the car at the swim. On arrival there's a draw for the swims.

    The Fish

    Although the lake was restocked in 2019 with hundred new carp, the stock is fairly unknown (maybe 200 carp?). The biggest carp caught so far was 27kg (60lb). But the lake is 45 years old so we're pretty sure the water holds plenty of surprises.

    People in the village talk about a huge carp caught back 20 years ago. Stefaan had a beast on the line which was impossible to stop. Was this a large catfish? We don't know - but in the near future we'll see some nice surprises coming out of the lake.

    Besides carp, there's a good population of predators like pike and bass. There is crayfish and freshwater mussel which are great for the carp.

    Service & Facilities

    The shouwers & toilets are in the main building, as well as a dining area with freezer and fridge. Soon, Stefaan will start offering food packages which will be served in the main building or on the swim.

    The village of Lassalle has 131 inhabitants and you won't find much stores there. The nearest backery is 4 km from the lake, and there are several large super markets about 7km from Lassalle.

    On site, Stefaan sells some end tackle, particles and boilies (different flavours, pop-ups, etc)


    Holiday Home

    Etang Lassalle features 2 holiday homes. The 2 bedroom apartments are located in the main building and have a nice kitchen, bathroom and living room.

    Price per week: 600€ (for up to 4 persons)

    The fishing isn't included in the price, so anglers should book their swim separately. 



    1. The fishermen must be in possession of the reservation.
    2. You can fish 24 hours a day under the motto: NO KILL.
    3. The use of your own boat and bait boats is allowed, only within your fishing area
    4. Swimming in the fishing water is prohibited.
    5. You may only fish with: carp-friendly lead mounts (safety bolt rigs), single hooks, max size 4, and nylon headlines. The bottom line may be of braided material, not lead-core. The bottom line may never be stronger than the main line. Barbed hooks and barbless hooks are both allowed.
    6. Material that can not be used: “are hooks or longshanks”, braided main lines, leadcore. Only particles bought on site are allowed.
    7. A fisherman may fish with up to 3 rods. The bivvies or tents must have a neutral (camouflage) color. Each angler must carry a landing net with an opening of at least 90 cm and an unhooking mat that is at least 4 cm thick and at least 60 cm wide and 90 cm long, and a disinfectant. (Klinex)
    8. Fishing is only allowed on the designated cuttings.
    9. Every fish caught must be returned with the utmost care.
    10. Any form of mutilation of fish, such as marking, involves the immediate removal of the relevant fishermen from the domain. The taking of specimen is considered as theft and as such will be immediately reported to the local Gendarmerie.
    11. The cars are not allowed everywhere on the cuttings, they must be put on the parking after unloading.
    12. Everyone is requested to respect nature, peace and cleanliness. Pay particular attention to the use of the plumbing and the cleanliness on and around the cuttings. You must deposit all garbage in trash bags as well as cigarette butts and do not make unnecessary noise.
    13. Non-aggressive dogs are only allowed on a leash on the cuttings. Open fire is forbidden. The use of camping gas appliances is permitted.
    14. In case of repeated infringement of these regulations, the fishermen will be removed from the domain.
    15. The arrival will take place around 3 pm. The departure is before 10 am.
    16. Domain attendants have the right to check the underlines at any time.
    17. Drugs and excessive alcohol consumption are not allowed
    If the rules are respected, the domain guard will gladly give you the greatest possible service and answer all your questions. He is available all day for advice or help.

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