10 Improvements at Ruffaud

27 February 2020 – FishermanHolidays.com

10 Improvements at Ruffaud which other top venues will make feel uncomfortable. The winter closure has allowed us to do a lot of work at Iktus Ruffaud in recent months. The swims got a refit, tracks have been improved, the fish stocks have been upgraded and the restaurant and the tackle shop will welcome the first guests from next week.

65lb Ruffaud carp

- We've improved swim B (the Tomb), and its new large pontoon
- the island (swims C and D) got cleaned up, cleared of dead wood that cluttered part of the space
- several tonnes of boulders added to station E to create some nice features for the carp
- complete refurbishment of swim G (VIP): improvement of the steps, hedges, interior of the hut entirely repainted and redone (installation of an equipped kitchen), new furniture, addition of hot water
- next week we'll change of the safari tent of swim I (for a larger model, with capacity for up to 8 or even 10 people!)
- new layouts at swim L, new large pontoon and better position of the floating cabin

10 Improvements at Ruffaud

During this mild winter, we've been feeding the carp quite a lot. This allowed the carp to continue gaining weight. Note that all these big improvements do not come with any price increases.

March 7, the restaurant will welcome the first guests; we'll be happy to special meals adapted to our carp anglers :-). The tackle shop got painted and offers a wide range of the latest tackle & bait.

In addition, next month, the toilets will be moved to a better location: better access and closer to the swims.

10 Improvements at Ruffaud

We're very happy with the more than 70 new carps that have been introduced this winter, including a nice mix of ghot carp, linear and fully scales. In 2020, the anglers will be able to catch 4 or even 5 different 65lb+ carp at Ruffaud. ... and this venue is only 2 years old!

We take this message to thank Damien - the bailiff - and the enormous work he has done in recent months for Ruffaud.

The 2020 season is very, very promising! We're taking bookings for 2021 and even 2022, so don't wait too long do book your favourite swims! 

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